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Take Your Power Back

“Oh, if it were not for all the distractions…”

You can’t move forward if there is unfinished issues in your life. Great things are achieved with the single actions of today… what may seem impossible for the human mind is not impossible for the creative force that has set all in motion.

Don’t worry about when, what, who, where… focus on NOW.

What is it that you have been trying to tackle but have been putting off?

Your angels are here to lighten the load, they are asking you to be clear and sincere with your intention.

There is something that you have been wanting to do but you have been putting everyone else first.

The longer you put off doing the things that make you happy the more you will regret and resent others. Your angels want you to see that there is nothing getting in the way of your happiness but you. They want you to let go and begin today to take that leap of faith towards freedom.

AS you sincerely look back at your “dreams and goals” you may discover that what you have been pursuing no longer serves you.

Your angels today are reminding you that ..YOU matter. Just for today… practice putting yourself first. Honor yourself… don’t allow unfinished business to stifle you any longer – take action now. Ask your angels to help you… today YOU come first.

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