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Consulting Services:

  • 20 Minute Tarot Reading allows time for one topic to be explored.
  • 40 Minute Tarot Reading this session is a deep-dive into one or more topics. Up to three topics or questions may be explored (depending on their complexity).
  • 12 Month Reading – Wondering what the next 12 months will bring? It will include an overview of the theme for the whole year ahead for you, followed by a one card reading for each of the 12 individual months ahead.

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  • Participate via Facebook in two live mini-tarot-group readings and interact with community members in live chat room .. *must have Facebook account – until I can create a platform outside of Facebook this is the platform for mini group readings.

Tarot Cards

… are the most common form of card reading, and have been around for many years. The standard tarot card deck is designed to resemble a Hero’s novel – they are well drawn and tell a very compelling story. These cards provide structure.

With 4 suits in each deck (the suits can vary between decks) each tarot card reading can be different and each reader will give a different reading depending on the client (querent). Whatever the client is going through at the time, the tarot cards will reflect and guide the client to the answers they seek. While rigid in structure, the cards rarely miss their mark.

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