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This is a most personal message because it reminds us that “healing” begins with us. ¬†When we forgive ourselves for our faults and relinquish our need for others’ approval we can step out into the world renewed with an attitude of self-acceptance.

When we’re self-accepting, we’re able to embrace all facets of ourselves– We can recognize our weaknesses and limitations, and still fully accept ourselves.

When we stop judging ourselves we secure a more positive sense of who we are.

To become more self-accepting, we must start by telling ourselves that given all of our negatively biased self-referencing beliefs, we’ve done the best we possibly could. To move forward, we must ask ourselves specifically what it is we don’t accept about ourselves and, as agents of our own healing, bring compassion and understanding to each aspect of self-rejection. As we do this our light begins to shine brighter dissolving the negative feelings that have brought pain and suffering.

The angels of compassion surround you now with love asking you to see the reflection of your “higher-self” which is reflecting pure divine light back into you…. this is who you truly are.


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