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Everything will Work Out

You may feel a bit frustrated that your prayers are not being answered fast enough, or it may feel as though the angels aren’t responding when you are “trying so hard.” But that’s exactly the point. Working with your angels requires faith, trust and knowing that everything really is working out for your highest good.

The angels don’t need any special word phrases or candles to answer a prayer. If it helps to bring you to a calmer state then there is no harm in it.

TODAY,  the angels want you to shift your perception from expectation to ANTICIPATION; they want you to be open to unlimited possibilities.

Your prayers ARE being answered, but your angels want you to know that if you are in a fear based energy, it isn’t the time to pray harder, it’s time for clearing your energy and give yourself some self-love. Ask the angels to help you release fear and help you return to a space of trust and anticipation.

Deciding to trust that all of your prayers are being answered will shift your energy from expectation to anticipation. Knowing that your prayers are being answered even as you read this… will allow your mind to relax which in turn will bring you more peace.

Affirm today:  “Everything is working out for my highest good, I am open to receive all the good that is coming my way”

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