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Am I Psychic?

Your angels reminds you that you in your human body are highly influenced by the the ebb and flow of your planet. The cycles of the moon subliminally remind you of this effect.

TODAY, your angels ask you to tune into your ability to perceive, know, and experience with all your senses – understand that life is happening beyond the realm of the physical, and into the realm of the divine.

Everyone has the ability to see, hear and feel beyond the physical senses – it is similar to saying that everyone has ‘six pack abs’ – but not everyone makes it a priority to develop them.

Be open to receive angelic guidance – ask Archangel Raziel to work with you and help you perceive your unique gifts and abilities to understand your intuition. Mostly to help you accept the divinity of your being… for too long others have wanted to suppress and cover these gifts that God has given his children.

Imagine Divine Light all around you and breathe it in. As you honor your intuition you begin to awaken to the magic, the miracles, and the blessings in your life. Trust ALL of your senses.

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