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Today’s Angel Message: Moving on… moving forward… all is good so as long as we realize that the movement and flow is part of life.
So what does this movement mean? Lots!

Pause and think of the wind. The wind blows- we may not ‘see’ the Wind yet it is there. Most of the times we feel the Wind. The Wind brings with it a ‘transition’. The state of the space it travels to (and from) becomes transformed.

It could be a warm Wind, a cold Wind… a mist filled Wind. Sometimes we can see the effects of the Wind as it plays with a leaf.

What are the angels telling us when we sense the Wind? – a sign of change – transition.
Life transitions are challenging because they force us to let go of the familiar; we can choose to walk in fear or embrace the feeling of vulnerability.

Many of us are entering a period of transition – these are triggered by a shift of health, relationships, career, finances. Embrace these as an opportunity to assess Life and a chance to grow and learn.
Life disruptions are sudden. It’s only after the storm has settled – that we can look back and see the signs.

Be ready to feel uncomfortable during a transition – be willing to let go of old ways of doing things. Make time to reflect and think about what is really best for you. …and if you ask for guidance, your angels will gently show you the way out.

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