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Ask and you will Receive

It must be a sad life for those who know not of angels.
Angels are your closest companions and know of your struggles. They know you are going through a time of personal change.

Your angels can not make the choices for you, but they can help in your decision making process… they already have been attempting to show you the best path, and they remind you that you already have the answer in your heart.

Your angels remind you that not making a decision is a decision— the decision to allow things to remain the same.

TODAY, let go of your fears because they are the reason why you have not taken action – and the reason why you are still holding onto the pain and anguish.

Whether you are questioning a relationship, a move, a career change- (you know, that decision that you have been putting off?)… trust your inner knowingness and ask yourself: “Which path brings me closer to my life purpose?”

In the stillness of your silence you will sense the answer; if the answer brings peace to your heart -Trust the message. If you stand in fear and doubt, keep asking your angels… this time deeper, ask why is it that are filled with fear and doubt – be bold and ask.

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