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Give life to your Dreams

There is no doubt, working toward your big dream is hard work.
and… anything worth dreaming for is worth striving for.

Take heart dear one, don’t allow frustration to get the best of you. Some of your dreams may take time, a lot of effort and maturity to achieve. You are reminded that God and the angels are supporting you and urge you to keep moving forward.

Know that if a dream was placed in your heart — it is worth pursuing, not for the dream itself… but more so for the person YOU WILL BECOME.

Be bold and dream; take a few minutes to recharge your dream – think of it, dream of it, inspire yourself; don’t belittle your dreams by forgetting them- by doing so you belittle yourself and the immense capacity of the Universe.

Keep focusing your efforts! Fall in love with the YOU of your dreams and stay true to yourself.

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