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Link with God

Open your link with God.

There is no need to feel so disconnected. God is not something … way out there.

Connect with Divine Source… make time to consciously and intentionally breath in Love, energy, rejuvination and healing. Know that whenever your energy is low there is a never ending supply of Divine Light all around you ready to nourish you effortlessly – simply draw your attention to your breath and open your heart and — breathe.

You have direct access to Divine Source at all times, so you can always ask, “What do I need to know about______(fill in the blank)?” Then open your inner seeing, hearing and feeling to receive the answer. You may not always like the answer but the choice is yours to Trust the guidance. The more you come in alignment with your highest truth, the more clarity, meaning and joy you will experience in your every day life.

Your connection with GOD is your birthright, savor sixty seconds of intentional breathing – of being present with yourself, regain your strength and your connection – bask in the light of the Divine.

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