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Allow Clarity to Emerge

Don’t be surprised if you feel that things have shifted – your angels want you to know that what you are experiencing is CLARITY.

As you continue waking up to who you really are -you begin to discover the thread that weaves and connects events in your life.

Clarity allows you to make decisions that align you with your life purpose.

It’s important to surrender and allow yourself to experience clarity and welcome Divine Light to renew you in every way, bringing balance, joy and love into your life.

Your angels want you to understand that a vibrational shift has happened within you – this can not be unchanged. There may be times that old habits and old thinking may want to infect your balance – come back to this PRESENT moment. Step into the here and now with Clarity.

Know that the moment you awaken to your deepest TRUTH – you increase the Light available to those around you, and the darkness begins to fade.

Ask your angels to help you focus on increasing your clarity in understanding and aligning with your true nature – allow the mud to settle and clarity to emerge.

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