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Allow for Inspiration

There is something special happening with the energy flow… the angels are sending rays of clarity that will open you up to receive new ideas and inspiration.

These ideas will come to you and help you resolve issues or start new projects that before appeared impossible.

Your angels want you to know that there is a rhythmic pattern to images, ideas and concepts flowing in and out from you… it is important to your soul to allow these things to enter and express them into the world.

Holding things in, such as ideas about people, things you want to do (but have not done), etc… affects your well being. TODAY, your angels ask you to remain open to new ideas but more important to re-evaluate your old ideas and inspirations and if they no longer serve your journey replace them with what resonates deep within you.

TODAY, be willing to empty yourself of old ideas and ‘half-baked’ ideas… to experience clarity simply breathe them out and breathe in new ideas and you will open yourself to new opportunities.

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