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Improve your Health

You were given a body- with a mind and an emotional heart.

All these ‘bodies’ – are components to your being. All these must be in balance with each other for you to effectively live a fulfilled life. It is your responsibility to care and nurture yourself.

Where around your body do you feel dense? – this can be from over worrying or over thinking things.

You may likely be experiencing symptoms in your physical body as a result of blocked or out of balance chakras as well.

Give yourself permission to make healthy choices. Reboot your system and your mind.

TODAY, if you can, do MINDFUL things … even if it may be for a few minutes. Rest in your favorite chair, walk outside and feel the warm sun on your skin, go for a walk and take in the sounds, or even catch up with a good friend, breath and observe – no thinking involved.

Whenever you start feeling doubtful, fearful or empty, use these feelings to remind you to reboot and re-connect to your inner core. Don’t allow the storm to bring disease upon you but use it to develop inner strength.

TODAY , take a slow, deep breath and tune into the Divine Energy that sustains the Universe – allow the breath to heal you.

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