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Friendships Connection

TODAY, your angels remind you that there are many kinds of friendships, all serving toward the growth and bliss of each individual. They ask you to make time to reconnect with the ‘special’ people in your life.

As you awaken to your own transformation you may notice that ‘certain friends’ are no longer a part of your journey. Those people who are no longer part of your life have already played their role in helping you find out who you truly are.

At this time in your journey it is important to cultivate your ‘spiritual’ friendships. These are the people in your life that safeguard you against the distraction of earthly problems and remind each other that this life is a small part of true existence and they encourage you to listen to your spirit for answers.

You recognize these friends because of their unmistakable spiritual purpose behind your relationship that crosses the boundaries of labels and judgement. Consider them blessings in your life, for these friends accept your awakening and understand your transformation.

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