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Connect with Nature

Your angels remind you that ‘Slow and Steady’ wins the race.

As you move into week your week… ┬ádon’t be tempted into falling back into old habits. Let others run their own race, you stay focused on your dreams, your challenges, your transformation.

Today you may be presented with moments that lull you back into old ways of thinking, perhaps a challenge that might evoke uncertainty in your thoughts and actions. Allow that moment to be your teacher and use nature to reconnect with your Divine Self.

God, through Nature is always teaching and reminding us of Infinite Abundance and Total Providence.

YOU ARE the gift within the gift of Life… the thoughts you choose reflect Life back at you. TODAY, Archangel Ariel will help you through your challenges and reminds you to reconnect with your true nature – choose happiness over sadness, choose serenity over chaos, flow with the moment and you will get a glimpse of Heaven on Earth.

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