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Make Peace with Yourself


You’re confusing your angels. You have asked for help in certain areas of your life but things will not manifest without a little help on your end.

Your angels ask you to give of your best in all you do, when you come up against a block ask yourself: “Is this right for me? Is this the right time? What is my lesson? and what changes do I need to make within myself?”

TODAY, you are being reminded that there IS a higher purpose; that the inner nudge you feel is the call to ‘change’. You are being asked to release your fears and develop your inner core.

Don’t see the “problems” in your life as permanent states, they are being delivered to you to force you to make changes… see them as events that allow you transformation. Even ‘problems’ are signs that change is happening in your life.

In RESPONSE to your prayers, your angels are asking you to release and trust that change will bring you into an abundant life.

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