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Believe in a Higher Power

Don’t give up on yourself, your angels remind you that the power lies within you.

Your strength does not come from the outside… disengage from the demands of other people. Be yourself. Get crystal clear on who you are and what you want.

You have to get in touch with your inner guidance because it is the wisdom that knows the answer for you. This higher power within will draw to you all the answers to all the questions you are ever going to ask. When in doubt, ask yourself, “Is this a decision that is loving for me?”. Believe in the ‘power’ that is within you and the answers that are being provided for you.

Your angels ask you not to alter your vision to accommodate others. When you do that you will compromise your power and the result is less joy, fulfillment and peace.

TODAY, connect to your higher power by living an authentic life. Know that this life is not about finding yourself, because you are not lost… you are here to create yourself from the image of Divine light within you. You have the power within you to choose to receive the gifts that are your birth-right.

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