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Expand Your Thinking

The angels know that you have been discouraged, hurt, and just feeling sorry for yourself with the weight of your struggles.

Instead of complaining that it isn’t fair and questioning WHY things are the way they are… your angels are reminding you TODAY that God won’t ever give you something that you cant handle because the path you are on… is YOURS- you alone can WALK IT… it is designed for you to bring you fortitude and leads you towards a victorious life.

It is time to no longer allow the enemy of fear and self-doubt touch you into thinking you are not good enough or that you have nothing. Today you are reminded that you ARE special and unique.

Once you let go of your fears and doubts you will open a waterfall of blessings!

Blessings come in many ways… stay faithful- your angels want you to think on what is beautiful and good in your life – use that as your foundation and you will see EXPLOSIVE blessings manifesting in YOUR LIFE!

Your angels remind you again that God wants to bless you, not just enough to get you out of your situation but to go above and beyond what you could ever imagine. – if only you would let go of your fears.

Declare today: I AM WILLING to receive the bountiful BLESSINGS that are coming my way.

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