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Become Aware of Miracles

Your angels want you to be aware of the miracles that are happening in your life and the power you have in creating miracles in your life.

They want to nurture your inner voice (or “gut feeling”). When you honor your intuition, you will be aware of an astonishing number of coincidences and you will experience life as a constant unfolding miracle.

Life will always have its challenges, and the angels want you to accept these challenges as opportunities to help you focus on what you do want.

The angels remind us that there are immutable laws in place that when observed and practiced help us on our divine path.

They want us to know that Miracles happen when there is gratitude in our hearts. The practice of Gratitude acts like a magnet through the law of attraction and will only attract more magic.

Remember to activate gratitude in all you do and be ready to see miracles happening in your life… soon you will understand that nothing happens by chance and all comes from a deep sense of love and gratitude. For you are the first Miracle… why would there not be more?

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