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Tune In and Listen

Your angels are aware of your desire to transcend and let go of the path of struggle.

They sing with your soul and understand your deep yearning to WAKE UP and free yourself from all the ‘shoulds’. The angels will use any vehicle at their disposal to help you face the TRUTH about who you are and what is aligned with your true self. Today, they are answering your inner most wish.

Because angels are pure spirit – they usually communicate by way of thought. You may have this thought that you know it is not you speaking to yourself and you have this thought… “You need to go over to this place and help that person.” or “You need to call that person.” The angels want you to pay attention to what happens the next time you heed that thought.

They want you to become aware of your communication with them and precisely take note of the flow in your life when you take action on these “thoughts”.

The more you tune out the noise… the better you will get at listening.

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