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Opportunity Knocks

If opportunity came knocking at your door… are you ready to answer?
It’s important to be alert… opportunity has a funny way of showing up when you least expect it. …and just like that! Your prayers are being answered.

Doors are always opening – do not be thrown off by appearances and circumstances… do not allow judgment and fear to stop you from stepping into the unknown.

When presented with an opportunity to do something different or to meet someone new… embrace the knowledge that each new opportunity could lead to another opportunity. Realize that your past actions are catalysts for future opportunities.

Adopt this new way of thinking and soon you will be creating opportunity for others; and the opportunities you create for others can bring opportunity back to you as well.

Your angels want you to know that you are NOT a victim, they want you to see the world as a source of continual opportunity. Opportunity comes when you are ready for it and it is up to you to take advantage of it. Be ready.

Be not afraid to embark upon new pathways, explore new potential possibilities, to respond the call of your heart to live inspired, to live love, to live the truth, to experience your highest vibration here on Earth.

Remember, when opportunity knocks – answer!

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