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Find your Center

It is important to ground yourself…

what does that mean? We hear it all the time.

Ground yourself means… check in. Check in with the moment. Be present in the here and now.
Stop the crazy crazy that happens when people are pushing and pulling you in all directions.

If you are not in the safety of your home, you may need to excuse yourself to the ‘rest-room’ and compose yourself. BREATH. SLOW DOWN.

It is important to stay alert for any ‘upset’ in the flow. There may be things that will cause a disruption of your plans.

Be prepared to shift on how you see life and deal with things. Your angels want you to understand that in the midst of change is a great deal of learning and if you are willing to ask yourself the question, “What am I supposed to be learning from this?” or “How will I become a better person because of this?” – then the disruption will not negatively affect you but rather positively influence you.

TODAY, no matter what comes your way, stay centered and grounded. Don’t allow disruptions to rob your right of expression and embrace the shift towards enlightenment and freedom

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