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Emerge to Your Purpose

The angels remind you that YOU came here with a purpose and the duty of the day is to use the tools that were placed within you. These tools emerge and shine the fullest when you are living in the ‘moment’.

Know that TRUTH is within you and nothing that anyone says or contrary to what negative thoughts may want to filter in your mind… NOTHING can change that.

“BE” in the moment, when you are aware of the present moment your natural gifts flow effortlessly. Your angels ask you TODAY to not question what these talents are… they simply ask you to ‘BE’.

Don’t make the mistake of confining yourself to titles and other mundane expectations.

Close your eyes – find the silence within, breathe and feel who you really are – Love. That is the true gift, allow it to emerge; this is the gift that transmutes your mundane work into God’s work – only when it is done with love.

It is time to wake up and rekindle the initial spark… Love – IS, WAS and WILL BE, and this spark is within you.

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