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Rise to New Beginnings

What was – is done and what is not is also done. No more dwelling in the past.

Time to move on.

Time to start new chapters, new stories, new experiences.

New beginnings often are exciting, yet terrifying — no one knows what the future holds. The angels ask you to stop hurting yourself … don’t look back, the past is history – do not compare your past to your future. While you may think its safe to dwell in the past it does you no good. It paralyzes you.

Be open to new people, new experiences; give yourself permission to grow, to learn… to make mistakes and fall.

TODAY, your angels are asking you to RISE above yourself, no matter how bad yesterday was, no matter what you did not get done – it’s all in the past. Today is the day you get to start over. Never let yesterday ruin today.

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