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Discover Possibilities through Serenity

Your angels ask you to release ‘old baggage’. This could be in the form of thoughts and beliefs that no longer resonate with you. Things that you wanted to do but no longer lure your attention. Relationships that no longer nourish your soul.

As Spring approaches go through your drawers and closets, if you have not used something in over three years remove those old stagnant items – they no longer vibrate with the person you are today. These things you hold onto become like vampires in your life – just like negative thinking.

Your angels are there to help you with the post phase of release – only if you ask. They want you to understand that it is okay to feel melancholy, it is part of the process. Every time you let go of something or someone- even if it is a thought that you obsess with, it is natural to feel the void of its absence.

TODAY, embrace the serenity of release… and step into the calmness of possibilities.

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