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The angels today want you to stop taking things too seriously, lighten up a bit – you are worrying too much and this is creating stress.

…and stress my friends, opens the door to DIS-ease.

Why ARE you taking life so seriously, why are you PUSHING so hard?

The angels know that you want to manifest certain things in your life… they want you to know that ALL your hearts desire is on its way – all in its Divine time. TODAY, is the day you let GOD do the heavy work- yes, through your angels ask God to help you with what truly worries you and then – Let Go. Laugh.. and do something Fun.

If you are worried about something that was said,  try to look past what people are saying and ask the angels to help you understand what is the ‘real’ message behind what people are saying– and remember they’re just words.

The angels are sending you Peace – wow! what a great gift, now do the right thing for yourself, open and receive it…

step in it

and enjoy, lighten up and laugh.

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