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Open Yourself to Miracles

Today your angels ask you to be open to the power of miracles. The manifestation of something totally unexpected that can only be Divinely explained.

The angels remind you that it’s impossible to have a miracle without planting the seed. …and the seed must first be wrapped in FAITH. Miracles come to those who believe and to those who live life expecting miracles to happen.

Prepare yourself to receive miracles in your life, let go of the yearning and come from a calm place of knowing that Miracles are happening every day all over Earth. God wants to remind you today through the angels that YOU are the first miracle… you are the ongoing miracle, be awed by this knowledge and it will activate more miracles in your life.

Whenever a miracle takes place, someone is believing. It might be the person who needs the miracle, the person who is praying for someone in need. Situations may vary, but the fact is, faith connects the power of heaven with the need on Earth.

TODAY, the angels want you to: “Be Open to the Presence of Miracles”. Just be open and let that ‘openness’ be natural and easy.

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