Tarot/Oracle Reading Consultations and Dream Interpretations


Miracles Abound in Your Life

Your angels remind you not to derail your own destiny with your own hands.

They have sent up your requests, they know your true desires, but they see you pushing against the wall of despair.

You want it on your terms, remember if YOUR way has not worked and if you have turned it over to a higher power then practice humility be honorable and cede to the moment.

You are reminded TODAY, that if you have asked God/ the Universe / the Creative Force to intercede in your life then you also MUST be willing to LET GO. Don’t doubt that what you have asked for will come to pass, even the smallest doubt the size of a pin will muddle all your hopes and dreams!

Miracles WILL happen when you align yourself- heart and soul with the flow of the Universe.


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