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Look for a Sign

Today your angels want you to become familiar to their presence. Have a little faith and be open to the possibility that there is an “ENERGY” there beside you that never leaves you even for one second, this “ENERGY” communicates with you and wants to help you.  Even if you are very afraid to do it, acknowledge your guardian angel and welcome them in. This is the first step.

Asking for signs is a way to – RECEIVE signs and messages from your angels. Devote the next 2 minutes to asking for your sign. Yes. Right now. Take 3 deep breaths to ground yourself in the present moment. Say silently, or out loud, “I ask my angels to come through and surround me right now.”

Spend the next 10 seconds or so, simply just “Receiving” them. Notice any sensations, thoughts, images. Enjoy being in a totally receptive state.

If you want you can ask for a sign. There is no right way or wrong way to do this. Once you have asked for your sign, spend the next few seconds simply picturing the sign you asked for – if you have not asked for a specific sign, just spend a few seconds in a totally receptive state.

THAT’S IT. Open your eyes. Take a deep breath, and go on with your day.

Your angels want you to practice receiving, do not doubt your signs when you get them, trust your intuition- trust yourself.

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