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Truth will Set You Free

Dear one, know that the chains that bind you are unpleasant memories and debilitating thought patterns that appear to be in a constant loop. These are more powerful than any chains of iron, they render you prisoners in your mind.

Your self-criticizing beliefs and thought patterns distort your perception of everything around you and hinder your spiritual growth.

When you let go of your limitations, you ignite your creativity, passion and purpose. You ARE free. When you accept that the chains are illusion in your mind, you will begin to change and see the wonderful possibilities the universe has to offer you.

As you journey into discovering “your” truth- fear may creep in when you begin exploring new areas, new experiences, new ideas and philosophies. When this happens, and it will…  remember that we’re all worthy of being loved beyond our imagination. We’re all here to take part in the creative process.

If you look within your heart, the courage to rid yourself of self limitations is there. You have legions of angels at your side who support you and want nothing more for you than your highest good.

They want you to know how much you are loved and how important it is to break the chains of your illusions,  so you can accept the truth of who YOU are. Understand that your fears and doubts are important issues that need to be addressed and released by opening your heart to Love – for Love is all there ever was, is and will be. Nothing to fear when you know that.

Find your truth, it will set you free.

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