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Miracles and Blessings

Something extraordinary is waiting for you… You may even call it a miracle! Your angels want you to make a mental note and receive the miracle as a ‘mile-marker’ – YOU are becoming aware of your power of attraction.

You are elevating your vibration and awareness to the bountiful and amazing life that is ahead of you.

In nature there are many miraculous events – science has the ability to explain these occurrences (like a seed turning into a tree) – yet we humans take these events for granted either because they are explained in ‘lay’ terms or because they happen every day. Just because they happen every day does not diminish the ‘miracle’ in them.

The angels notice that many people are blind to miracles happening in their lives, and they want to remind YOU that God IS working miracles in YOUR life. They particularly ask you to be mindful of the small things, the small acts of kindness, the small words of power; these appear insignificant but are the seeds of miracles.

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