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Trust the Process

Sometimes when we ask for something new to enter our lives we forget that God needs to move Heaven and Earth to assure that all beings move with love within the process… and these requests sometimes require a degree of change within the paradigm of our belief system.

These requests take ‘earthly’ time, which means that most of the time we ‘forget’ what we have asked for, and if we have not started on the journey of “self-knowing” we experience these manifestations as conflict and struggle.

Your angels ask you TODAY – to TRUST the process. The challenges that you are facing are not punishments, you are LOVED beyond your own imaginings… these challenges are coming into your life NOW to open you up to learning, growing and strengthening your soul.

Kicking and fighting the process will only bring more challenges to nudge you back onto your path. Are you not tired of that? TRUST the Divine Order, connect to the Divine in you. Meditate, quiet your mind and listen to your soul’s wisdom – really, it is THAT simple.

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