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Energy of Archangel Gabriel

Have you been tormented with confusion, distraction and disorganization? Allow Archangel Gabriel to bring clarity.

Archangel Gabriel’s energy helps to lift the fog that keeps you blind, surrender and allow yourself to be uplifted to higher vibrations in your life.

Find a moment to quiet the mind and seek the stillness within. As you take a few deep breathes and give yourself permission to release all thoughts you will welcome a wave of clarity to broadcast from the Divine and renew you in every way.

TODAY, pick one area to unclutter (physical or mental). Keep away from negative influences and whenever you feel distracted center yourself with your ‘breath’.

As you embrace more clarity your physical body increases in vibration, allowing old trauma and pain to be released from your cells.

Your angels remind you that the more clear and orderly your inner world becomes, the easier it will be to find courage and face life’s challenges.

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