You are being asked to REALLY be aware of your thoughts… your angels see how you go through your day judging every little thing from yourself and others- is this good, is this bad?

TODAY, you are asked to practice non-judgement. Can you imagine what it would be like to simply experience something without judgment?

TODAY, pick random moments and try not to think about whether something is good or bad … just observe the sensations of the moment. Don’t think about those sensations, just experience them.

Life is just happening – the wind is just blowing, the birds are flying, people are going about daily activity – it’all happening without any good or bad intention. Until you infuse the feeling.

Your angels want you to know that your ‘feelings’ about any given thing has a history of “WHY” you like something or not. You are not the center of the universe you are part of it all – and you too are just happening. When you begin to practice non-judgement you begin to let go of your frustrations, anger and fears… you begin to feel free.

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