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Love and Joy

To get more from life you need to be open to more Love and Joy in your life.

There are many things that demand your attention- but, when you don’t allow yourself any time to unwind, you quickly get tired and burn out.

That’s when you begin looking out and trying to compare your life with that of other people. They have this, you don’t have that…etc.

TODAY, your angels want you to schedule in time to do things that make YOU feel relaxed and cared for; this gives you the energy you need to be a better human being for yourself and for others (you and ONLY you can care for YOURSELF – don’t expect anyone to come and rescue you).

Your angels want you to move forward with joy and love. Joy has the power to release obstacles and bring you into alignment with what you Love.

Take a ‘mental’ vacation – it only takes a moment – consciously breathe, relax and exhale any accumulated density you have absorbed… breath in allowing joy and love to take its place. Set the stage for Joy and Love in your life.

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