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Vacuum Away Fear

Your angels want you to UNDERSTAND that Fear is something YOU create. It comes into existence when you do not trust your connection to Source.

Move away from fear-based thoughts and be open to the idea that you deserve joy and peace in your life… do this by first taking full responsibility that on some level you created your experiences and made your choices – nobody else is to blame.

Your angels want you to EMBRACE the “ups and downs” of life… it is part of the design. YOUR part is to prepare for the “down” and ride through those moments by focusing on your breath and staying centered. Your emotions alert you to your state of being and thinking – are you focusing on empowering thoughts or fearful, limiting thoughts? Your ability to tune into your thoughts will allow you to make those subtle corrections.

TODAY… when you feel yourself sinking into dark thoughts bring yourself back into the perspective of being aware of all the many blessings that are around you, including the many blessings that have yet to come.

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