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It is important to nurture yourself. If you don’t care for YOURSELF, you will not be able to nurture and care for others. Your angels are here to tell you that tapping into a half filled cup is a formula for chaos and disease.

Acceptance is the beginning of letting go. By letting go, you clear space for the healing power of Love to come in. TODAY, do not judge yourself for holding onto anything, focus on releasing pains and resentments from the past. This is the first step to self-love.

TODAY, honor your body as a temple of the Divine, treat your body with care and respect. As you listen to the intuitive guidance of your heart and soul, this will guide you in taking care of your physical vessel.

When your physical body is healthy, you are then able to nurture your emotional body needs. As you open the flow of Love and compassion for yourself, you fill your cup and the overflow makes it possible for you to love and be compassionate towards others.

Declare TODAY: “I open MY heart to more self-love.”

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