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Push for a Break Through

Push through for a breakthrough.

All is well until you hit that wall.  The wall can represent many things.   In the mundane – it could mean just life happening – things are going well and then gradually they begin building up until it seemingly catches you by surprise – phone calls, errands, the morning project becomes the afternoon project etc.

In the supernatural it’s a whole different ball game.   The ‘wall’ can represent the unseen work… the negative chatter in the mind, not confronting your fears, not embracing the daily practice that lifts the soul, the TRUTHs you choose to ignore, not choosing Love in thoughts and deeds… etc.

Events that occur in the natural reflect deeper Truths and work that needs to be done in the supernatural.   TODAY, observe yourself…

if you feel like you are in a the midst of a breakdown—like things around you are falling apart and not going the way you hoped, it’s time to self-ignite the ‘shift’.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on being resourceful.  You are expending energy… turn it around and EXPAND the energy.  Stand in your own power and hold hands with the Universe.

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