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Your Super Power

What goes up… must come down, and guess what?

It does not all have to be bad. – you knew that already.

Your angels remind you that God gave you a ‘super power’, one that may take a lifetime to harness. That ‘super power’ is – Free Will.

This amazing super power is tied with an ethereal chord to the heart and brain – a very thin chord connects it to source.  Every time you make a Loving, Positive thought – it grows thicker to D.  As it connects to source it releases its stronghold from the Earth density and amplifies its balance of Mind-Body-Spirit.

This may seem a bit too complicated … and in the supernatural it’s easy to understand… so leave your left brain and science aside, or the concept will quickly evade you.

To explore in the realm of Divine matters is to adventure into the world of exploration and Trust.   Your choices teeter-totter either away from or closer to Divine Source.

TODAY… practice seeing Joy in your lessons, in your journey. Even if the see-saw has you in the down… use Love energy and boost up – Breath.

You KNOW your super power – only you control it – everything will be okay.

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