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Pray with Faith

Some people call praying… self-talk. Why do some people get their prayers answered–and I don’t? The angels want to clarify your doubts.

The angels remind you that there is a lot involved when it comes to prayers fulfilled.

What is that something?

Your angels ask you to REMEMBER your connection to source – to God – to the Universe. As a whole, source IS complete, source lacks nothing. You are a unique particle of the whole and therefore lack nothing. It is in seeing yourself separate that you identify with lack.

By remembering your ‘wholeness’… the connection to source, you will be able to fight doubt and begin to manifest immediately.

Be specific and ask for what you want and believe that you receive it.

Many times people are praying, thinking that they are believing, when in reality they are not believing, but hoping. Hope and faith are not the same. FAITH is now. Hope is maybe.

Combined with Faith there is -GRATITUDE; your angels remind you that faith gives you peace because you already believe that your prayers are answered…when you believe – you KNOW, so the next step is to give thanks in advance for the answer.

Live every thought affirming that you have the answer to your prayer. Do not allow any negative thoughts to enter your mind.

Be clear on what you want, believe and be grateful for they are unfolding now.

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