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Seek Knowledge

you want change – (what ever that may mean for you)
you want to lose weight
you want to quit an addiction
you want to start a new hobby
you want more abundance
you want inner growth
you want to start a new job
you want to explore a new relationship

The angels want to help you but you need to get serious about what you want. All new adventures require deep contemplation. What are you willing to give up to move on?

They need you to initiate the process and ready the soil. How?

The angels wish you joy and happiness. Rushing into anything without research and study will only frustrate you.

You need to do more research about what it is you want, how much time can you dedicate into achieving it; dig deep into your emotional core and “see” with your inner eye – how you will feel once you’ve achieved what you seek. If you can get into the feeling of what it will be like once you have achieved what you seek… the angels will do their part to create the opportunities so you can do YOUR part and take – action.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, let’s stay in the moment. -Breathe- Today do your research, study and begin to seek knowledge and empower yourself.

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