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Discover Your True Nature

Realize your true nature… you may ‘think’ you know yourself but truly – DO you KNOW your true self? The angels suggest that you must first empty yourself of who you THINK you are and then the ‘real’ you will emerge.

You are not your ‘history’, you are not your ‘thoughts’.

Who ARE you when you are not caught up in yourself? Your wants and fears? What do you rely on to give meaning to your life? Don’t be afraid to ask yourself these questions… today Archangel Ramiel is interceding in your life to help you connect with your true nature.

TODAY you are asked to notice the circumstances bad or good that appear as opportunity to OBSERVE at how you respond to the moment – you are asked to seek and to act from your essence.

It is in the monotony of your daily life that you will be provided the material for your spiritual development. It is in your chores, your pursuit to make more money, to be fulfilled in relationships, dealing with getting older or your health…. these are the platform for self discovery.

It is your heart that must find its true path. …and when you discover yourself you will find that the ‘right’ people are there sharing their light with you.

Observe yourself and you will begin to discover your true nature.

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