Tarot/Oracle Reading Consultations and Dream Interpretations


The Universe Supports You

What you are looking for is looking for you… support.

Your angels want to remind you that God’s Plan is invisible and recognized by very few because few practice the quality of attention that allows them to see what is obviously occurring around them.

Know that your Teachers love you, surround you and support you, because you are emerging into Knowledge.

This yearning for a deeper connection and joy in your life awakens ‘lessons’ into your life… each lesson has a teacher; these teachers come as co-workers, friends and even those who you least expect.

TODAY, be open to seeing people around you as your teacher… with this view you will tap into your lesson in a gentle way and you will discover the support you need.

Please know you’re supported, from near and from far, that you are loved, surrounded and supported by your Teachers, and you are worthy of their great gift to you… because together you are spark of the Divine, and loved as you are.

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