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Expand Your Awareness

There is something that you are seeking… what ever this is, the angels today want you to know that what you know about what you seek is not clear.

The uncertainty of what is coming forth is keeping you in troubled waters. You cannot make a decision with half a story, with mediocre information.

TODAY, do some research, ask questions, contemplate deeper on what it is you seek. The more information you gather the more clear you will be on how to proceed.

Do not move forward in haste… if it does not happen today it’s okay. For now – gather information, contemplate and study the knowledge, decide and THEN take action.

The angels will guide you as you find peace in the ‘knowing’; they want you to know that even if at the end of the research you decide that non-action is your course, the “knowing” has expanded your awareness and prepares you for the next experience.

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