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Believe in Yourself

Make the most of your qualities, they see your potential and they want you to Believe in Yourself.

Don’t wait for the world to come and cheer-lead you. Others can encourage you and believe in you, but if YOU don’t believe in yourself it really doesn’t matter what others think. – They don’t breath for you.

Your angels see that you are at a time in your life where it is important for you to TRUST your instincts and stop second guessing yourself.

TODAY, meditate on this question? ‘who breathes for me?’… ‘who thinks for me?’. These are ETHEREAL intakes that YOU control. To the degree that you release all self-defeating negative beliefs will be equal to the greatness you will allow in your life.

TODAY… if you feel even an inch of doubt ask your angels to help you through that inch of muck and before you know it you will be taking a step forward out of uncertainty. Measure your goals in inches if you must and celebrate every inch of success and before you know it you will be climbing your mountain!!

TODAY be strong and believe in yourself!

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