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Enjoy Life Precious Moments

Your angels are asking you to assess your blessings… they remind you that there are people all around the world who are experiencing things that are far more serious than your everyday problems. These people are facing things like starvation, disease, a diagnosis, or a death sentence. These people, “if they choose” are allowed to take things seriously.

Know that every event and every person that comes into and goes out of your life is with perfect timing and in perfect harmony. Without guilt or blame or even judgment, the Universe operates in perfect order and vibration.

Your angels want you to get rid all thoughts of “need,” “must,” “got to,” “have to,” and “should” from your life. These words communicate too much seriousness that doesn’t actually exist and robs you of happiness.

TODAY, be grateful for every precious moment that life offers. Notice how simple things can add levity and moments of joy. Today, pretend you are playing a role at being ‘you’… watch and observe yourself, you’ll be surprised at what you see and how the ‘you’ that you see is robbing you of joyful moments by being too serious.

Relax into the moment. Release seriousness. Embrace joy.


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