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Tune in to Higher Frequencies

Tune… find the frequency of harmony.

Your radio station is garbled. Worrying about money, stability and relationships is not progressing you forward.

Your angels want you to tune in to the present moment.

Thoughts are powerful, look around and think about the things that ever were created and manifested – they first were stored in the imagination as a thought.

You are creating your tomorrow with the thoughts you have today. Conflicts are inherent in the design of nature as we know it here on Earth. Understanding this Truth allows us to embrace the tides of calm and conflict. While for the most part you may dislike the conflict, embracing and tolerating it as much as you embrace calm will begin to bring you into harmony with Life.

Your angels remind you that taking control of your thoughts will give you a sense of stability, and with that stability brings peace and harmony.

TODAY, ask your angels to help you surrender to the world without expecting others to do the same.

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