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Balance is a Part of Nature

The angels remind you to seek balance. Balance is an immutable law of nature which is woven in the matrix of life.

The angels want to guide you in developing a deeper understanding of balance. They want you to understand that when you are not in FLOW with your spirit, then CHAOS will enter to remind you that you are not balanced. Your angels want you to welcome chaos and see it for what it is – it’s a ‘balance-meter’. Once you call it out, you are shining light to it – and chaos does not operate well in the Light.

TODAY, rate your ‘flow-meter’. Get a piece of paper and ask yourself, “What is stopping my flow?”, yes write it down. From a place of ‘all is possible’ write down your solutions. Step back and look at those solutions. Work on a plan on how to bring those solutions to life… it may be impossible for you, but nothing is impossible for God. Trust in your ideas, for they are coming from a higher place to help restore balance in your life.

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