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Surrender and Release

The angels sense you are blocked in some way, and most likely it’s because you are IN YOUR OWN WAY!

There are things deep inside that weigh you down… and you are like swimming in molasses. Your angels want to help you, they really do. Today – they remind you to tap into your “Faith” center – your “personal Trust” center. How? Allow yourself to –Let Go–. give yourself permission to be a passenger – just for today.

You don’t have to control every aspect of your life. Just for Today loosen the strings up a little bit and allow your faith to do the work. You are a part of this Creative Force -now and always have been.

The angels want you to know that the moment you ask for help and are ready to try something new -you have done your part of the work.

Know that you are co creating your life along with God, (some call this energy – Source, Creative Force, Universe). The angels remind you to have Faith in the process… to trust your inner self, your energy and personal power.

Just for Today – release your worries. Breath.

What has happened in the past no longer exists. The future is working it’s way to the present but for now Breath – and stay in the perfection of the present moment.

The angels TODAY want you to LET GO and allow yourself to be guided, take opportunities that are given to you, say yes more often, say no when you feel uncomfortable, be forgiving and forgive yourself— they want you to know that this is how you begin working WITH your life and begin to experience more happiness and less stress.


‘I Surrender…’ say these words today when you feel tension and release your worries and KNOW that your Faith has brought you to this moment and it will get you through it.

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