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Balance is your Natural State

Why are you unhappy? Your angels remind you that when life is busy, or all your energy is focused in one specific area, it’s all too easy to find yourself off balance.

Too much focus in your career when you neglect your health or with a new relationship where you forget your friends or lose track of the drive in your career… begins affecting your sense of happiness. Feeling whole and fulfilled can only be reached in balance, otherwise the areas where you don’t focus on come back to you with unpleasant surprises.

TODAY, your angels ask you to take a few minutes to evaluate the areas in your life such as: mind, body, spirit, social relationships, emotions, finances and and career.

It does not mean that all areas are rationed proportionately… you may require more attention in the area of health versus social. Once a month rate these areas; this will help you consider each area of your life and assess what’s off balance. By identifying these areas you can work towards balance, and in turn you will bring more happiness into your life.

Remember your normal, natural, healthy state of being in life is to experience joy and laughter in most of what you do.

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