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Stop and Replenish Your Soul

busy busy busy…. you can’t please everybody! Sometimes we get caught up in what I call the ‘human wave energy’.
It’s a crazy energy that literally drains you from your spiritual vitality.

The angels remind you to slow down…. replenish your energy. Everything does not need to get done today. Listen to the angels- ask them to help you in finding inner peace and they will align for you the people and events needed to achieve your goals. You will get more done when your soul is replenished and full of vigor.

What use can you possibly be to your loved ones when you are walking around like a zombie?

It is okay to step back from all the chaos -(even mentally if you must, allow someone else to do the ‘heavy lifting’ for today). It is okay to say “no”. Today your angels want you to practice saying – No – (just for today). This is your time, this is your Day, this is your 24 hours. The hours that are dedicated for you … make them count, don’t give them away. Your angels are here to remind you that today you need to set aside time for your sacred self – there will be some very heavy days ahead where your dynamic and loving energy will be needed. ┬áToday is the foundation to prepare for that.

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